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Guarantee a perfect presentation every time! The miniFreeze™ by Kryoco Technology ensures flawless PowerPoint presentations; from the moment event attendees or guests arrive until the moment the projectors are powered down; you can project professional and seamless graphic image everyone will remember.

With the miniFreeze™, anyone can give a terrific and worry free presentation without the need for expensive technical support or audiovisual equipment and technology.

The miniFreeze™ easily maintains images and logos on video projector screens; your personal image and professional presentation will never be ruined by accidentally projecting unwanted or incomplete information or material on your desktop.

The miniFreeze™ is simple to use and requires no technical or audio visual expertise.

The miniFreeze™ allows you to easily edit a Power Point presentation or seamlessly launch a DVD within your presentation with the static image of your choice beaming from the video projected while you do it.

Advanced audiovisual system users can switch quickly and effortlessly between multiple presentations on the same computer and launch applications at a fraction of the cost of a high- end switcher.

Slash your AV budget drastically by eliminating the need for expensive onsite technical support, or pass the savings on to your client. The miniFreeze™ is a powerful, ultra portable, and flexible audio visual technology solution that meets the demands of large scale live presentations handled by corporate AV firms but is easy enough for a presentation professional or novice to carry and use.

The miniFreeze™ will maintain the image you select until it's powered down; making it an essential tool for parties, receptions and worship services where projector screens are frequently used for decorative or informational purposes once the presentation is finished. Additionally, miniFreeze™ users enjoy the freedom of dismantling the presentation production environment while maintaining their image of choice on the video projector screen.

Regardless of size or the number of attendees, miniFreeze™ technology will easily and painlessly take your program or event to a new level of professionalism. Visit the tab that describes your industry to learn more:

  • AV Production Companies
  • Event Planners
  • Freelance AV Techs
  • Houses Of Worship
  • Presentation Professionals
    • Corporate
    • Education
    • Government
    • Sales



The miniFreeze™ is audiovisual technology at its simplest and most versatile providing high-end value with seamless integration. The miniFreeze™ is suitable for corporate, non-profit organizations as well as individual users and functions smoothly in an almost endless variety of settings:

  • Hotel Ballrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Houses Of Worship
  • Outdoors Events
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Signage

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