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The miniFreeze™ is a versatile piece of audiovisual equipment designed to work independently, or in combination with high-end switchers and existing inventory to add features such as logo store or preview, for additional flexibility and convenience.

As an AV production company, you have to balance profitability with client needs and limitations; the miniFreeze™ lets you add to your bottom line with little effort on your part. You may not be able to sell your client on an expensive switcher rental just to freeze between presentations but renting them a miniFreeze™ as part of the package is a no-brainer! Establish your own rental structure and have it pay for itself when you decide.

A four day event with 5 breakout rooms translates to $500 a week in revenue you might otherwise lose out on; over a year, that's $25,000 added to your bottom line without adding additional resources or time to the sales effort.

In addition to beefing up your bottom line, the miniFreeze™ has a variety of uses:

  • Users can deploy the miniFreeze™ during live shows in order to open other applications, launch a DVD, edit PowerPoint on the fly, and more. No matter how the miniFreeze™ is deployed, AV production companies will increase profitability and provide superior service and equipment to end clients.
  • The miniFreeze™ is great for rooms where guest speakers give a presentation in the middle of an event freeze the image onscreen long after they have departed and give your client a continuous professional look. Used as a promotional tool, the miniFreeze™ is great for guest speakers, sponsors or the AV provider.
  • Deploy the miniFreeze™ as a standalone application for single computer + single projector presentations and eliminate the need for an expensive and bulky switcher.
  • Make sure the podium presentation is ready to go and add "preview" functionality to a Presentation Pro and never take a blind cut again.
  • Deploy the miniFreeze™ with legacy switchers and utilize it as a logo store.
  • Deployed at the end of the signal chain, the miniFreeze™ will allow users to strike the production environment while maintaining a professional atmosphere for very little cost.
  • Combine it with programs like Camtasia or Playback Pro, and a single computer and the miniFreeze™ becomes a powerful multi-media production environment.

The miniFreeze™ supports resolutions up to 1280 x 1024, has a bit depth of 24, and no noticeable degradation of the original image. With accurate color, contrast and timing replications, the miniFreeze™ is a must for any technical production featuring a VGA display.

"Just so you know how we put that little puppy into action, I have just come off a few jobs in a row where we were using two screens, side by side in a little game show/talk show medical symposium. The inner screen - the one closest to the talent was always graphics (PPT) or logo. The outboard screen was always Imag or Logo, when needed. We were switching cameras with a Screen Pro (NO LOGO STORE) and secondarily a Pres Pro which handled PowerPoint. So we sent and output of the slides to the Mini Freeze, grabbed the logo, then hooked it up as an input to the Screen Pro - input 8 in this case - and whenever we needed to dump to logo - - there she was....A beautiful thing! Thanks Dude."

Larry Testa
President/Executive Producer
Medipix Productions, LLC



The miniFreeze™ is audiovisual technology at its simplest and most versatile providing high-end value with seamless integration. The miniFreeze™ is suitable for corporate, non-profit organizations as well as individual users and functions smoothly in an almost endless variety of settings:

  • Hotel Ballrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Houses Of Worship
  • Outdoors Events
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Signage

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