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  1. Boot computer
  2. Connect VGA output of computer to the “Input” port of the miniFreeze
  3. Connect the “Output” port of the miniFreeze to the large display
  4. Toggle the computer to select display on both notebook and external monitor
  5. Insert the power adapter cable provided to the “PWR” jack of the minFreeze
  6. The image should sync after a moment and be passed to the large display


The miniFreeze will display resolutions up to 1280 X 1024 at refresh rates up to 120 Hz. The default settings for the miniFreeze are 60 Hz at a resolution of 1024 x 768, and 70Hz at a resolution of 1280 X 1024. These are the recommended display adapter settings for optimum results.

To change your screen resolution:
  1. Open Display in Control Panel.
  2. On the Settings tab, under Screen resolution, drag the slider, and then click Apply.
  3. When prompted to apply the settings, click OK. Your screen will turn black for a moment.
  4. Once your screen resolution changes, you have 15 seconds to confirm the change. Click Yes to confirm the change; click No or do nothing to revert to your previous setting.
How to Change the Screen Refresh Rate of Your Monitor:
  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.
  2. Alternatively, right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the Settings tab, and then click Advanced.
  4. Click the Monitor tab, and then click the screen refresh rate that you want to use.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the miniFreeze, return it within 30 days for a full refund. The miniFreeze is covered for one full year after the date of purchase against manufacturing defects and can be returned for a replacement during that time if the unit fails due to part or assembly malfunction.

miniFreeze Specifications

The miniFreeze supports resolutions up to 1280 X 1024 with a bit depth of 24 and no noticeable degradation of the original image.

Input: VGA 15 pin female
Output: VGA 15 pin female
Power: 5 -12 DC minimum 600 mA
Included Power Supply: 9V DC 660mA center positive (Caution! Any replacement power supply MUST be center positive, otherwise the miniFreeze can be severely damaged.)
Length: 5 1/4" - 133.35 mm
Width: 4 1/8" - 104.75 mm
Height: 1 1/4" - 31.75 mm
Weight: 11 oz. - 315 g

SVGA Cable

Lifetime warranty, 3ft HD15 Male to HD15 Male Premium SVGA monitor cable meets or exceeds your video requirements. Features 24k gold contacts to promote full video signal transfer with minimum resistance. Fully shielded and molded hoods and ferrite cores on both ends provide additional interference resistance. Maximum resolution is 2048x1536.



The miniFreeze™ is audiovisual technology at its simplest and most versatile providing high-end value with seamless integration. The miniFreeze™ is suitable for corporate, non-profit organizations as well as individual users and functions smoothly in an almost endless variety of settings:

  • Hotel Ballrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Houses Of Worship
  • Outdoors Events
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Signage

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