Houses of Worship

Places of worship enjoy a 5% discount on the regular price of a miniFreeze™!

Audio Visual technology products can be daunting or overwhelming for inexperienced AV volunteers but the miniFreeze™ makes serving simple and fulfilling.

The miniFreeze™ is a video projector add-on that provides an extremely affordable and flexible solution for places of worship interested in stepping up their presentations or reducing the challenge of providing a peaceful and spiritual AV environment during worship.

For places of worship with an unlimited budget, the miniFreeze™ permits strategic reallocation of AV staff and volunteers according to skill levels; allowing for optimal distribution and use of human resources.

In any worship environment, the miniFreeze™ provides an almost endless variety of options to improve the program experience for singers, musicians, speakers, volunteers and audience members. The miniFreeze™ gives the PowerPoint operator the freedom to:

  • Preview every upcoming slide; reducing volunteer anxiety and ensuring flawless delivery of materials
  • Correct song lyrics or manage changes to the order of service on the spot
  • Send lyrics or messages to the choir or others on the platform while maintaining a specific image onscreen and without audience awareness
  • Assist in keeping the service on schedule by sending a countdown clock to the platform while maintaining an image onscreen
  • Seamlessly exit a PowerPoint presentation and launch a video in full screen mode from the computers DVD drive and seamlessly return to the presentation at any time
  • Leave "welcome" and "exit" slides on the main screen while editing or re-setting for the next service
  • Share information with people on the platform with no audience knowledge or awareness

The miniFreeze™ is an essential tool for every place of worship using video projectors, regardless of budget, number of volunteers or attendees. The miniFreeze™ will raise the level of execution and performance of your services to levels you never imagined for an extremely affordable price.

"As an AV volunteer in charge of training new volunteers, working with the miniFreeze in our multi-service environment made providing quality worship time much easier. Thanks to the miniFreeze our services looked like they were much bigger budget than they actually were."

Tom Korba
South Beach Grafix

"We wanted to add some polish to our Sunday services and hated the look of the computer desktop showing before and after the service. A pro graphic switcher was off the table financially, but a minor miracle in the miniFreeze gave us the same results, and we didn't even need approval from the board!"

David Safeer
AV Volunteer / Trustee
Unity Church



The miniFreeze™ is audiovisual technology at its simplest and most versatile providing high-end value with seamless integration. The miniFreeze™ is suitable for corporate, non-profit organizations as well as individual users and functions smoothly in an almost endless variety of settings:

  • Hotel Ballrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Houses Of Worship
  • Outdoors Events
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Signage

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